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What is freeze-drying.

  • The most natural method preservation of roses is freeze-drying. By this special treatment it's possible to keep the product in the original shape, cell structure and color. That's why a long lasting life is possible. Freeze-drying is the most natural saving method. The principle of freeze-drying has been used already for centuries. Through all those years freeze-drying has been developed in a high tempo and used by the American Ministry of Defense to save blood plasma and penicillin. For the NASA to keep the transport of food as light as possible. These days there are hundreds of different varieties of frozen dried food in supermarkets, like coffee for example.

The process of freeze-drying with flowers.

  • Freeze-drying is a technique that withdraws liquid from the flower. This is a complicated process what demands craftsmanship. This all happens in a special machine. Before the process begins the roses are being cut under the head and put in the machine with two rooms. In there the roses will be frozen till -40 degrees. By the work of a vacuum pump begins the drying process. The condensation room (-50 degrees) is colder than the model room. Under a deep vacuum comes steam out of the roses and this is going to be replaced by ice crystal. Those ice crystals make a level of ice in the condensation room. The ice will be removed by defrosting. After this process the roses are ready. The whole process takes 14 days. During this process there is no use of chemicals or any colors. The products are fully biodegradable.

The product frozen dried flower.

  • Flowers are being used because it will keep during some months till years its shape, cell structure and color. It won't lose its natural beauty. There is a big variety of frozen dried roses, rose petals, paeonia and waterlilies.

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