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What is stabilize.

  • Stabilize is a technical process what took more than three years of development, research and tests. The result is a flower what looks and feels like a fresh cut flower. The flowers will last till three years, without losing its beauty and color.

The process of stabilize with roses.

  • Only with quality grown roses which are selected by hand. The rose is treated in some steps with a chemical process. This happens in an environmentally friendly way. It's a technical process with preservation of natural juices in the rose those will be replaced by a liquid mix of glycerin, water-and coloring matter. Like this the growing process will be stabilized.

The product stabilized rose.

  • A rose what looks like fresh cut what can keep its natural beauty for at least a few months till some years. It has a silky soft glow and a beautiful strong color. The rose has no need of water or any other care. Stabilized roses cannot be compared with silky, dried- or frozen-dried roses.

Tessi Flowers has a big variety of more than twenty different colors with an extremely high quality.

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