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The flower decorations which are made for a storage life.

The origin is our brancheorganisation in Turkey. Because of many connections in hotel and catering industry and also weddingplanners, they had always the returning problem of flowers dying too soon because of the temperature.

Tessi Flowers Europe is specialized in buying cutflowers en plants. The ideas to make decorations with long lasting flowers are made in Holland. Like this we developed the export to Turkey, where the flowers mostly being used for weddings, receptions and table-decorations. Especially in the hotel and catering-industry are our decorations an overwhelming succes.Each restaurant and hotel has flower-decorations on the table which need to be replaced at least one time a week. In the meantime they see that Tessi Flowers save them a lot of work, time and expenses. Our products last at least from a few months till three years.

The weddingplanners have also seen the possibilities to decorate cakes with frozen dried flowers available in many colors. Also they use the leaves as decorations on the tables. The result is a perfect decorated table where every guest feels comfortable.

For Europe we have made an extensive choice which you can find in our product catalogue. Many decorative combinations with flowers, vases, colors and shapes are possible. Of course it's possible you have different ideas or wishes which you can inform us about through the contact-button. Tessi Flowers will be pleased to discuss and to serve you as well as possible.

Regularly our selections will be extended.
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